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We’re frequently learning more about the real estate scene from our office neighbors/landlord and friends with Vector Commercial Real Estate Services

We asked if we could share a few nuggets from a recent conversation with broker associate Blakemore Kearney. We talked about a few basics for small businesses looking for office space, whether looking to grow or to establish a presence:

  1. Hire a Broker. Well of course we’d say that, but it’s for very good reason. There’s just so much to consider, it’s best to have someone that knows the ropes in the industry and the market to help look out for your best interests. There’s a reason our company is successful.
  2. Visualize the space. Who goes where? What goes where? What will we need? What will the workflow be like? What do we hope to achieve within this space? Is our setup going to fit with our goals and our culture? And what about potential growth? In three or five years, will we still look the same? Or even be the same company? Ask about options for growth (or right-sizing), or if there might be flexibility with moving to another space.
  3. Be realistic. While signing a lease is not a small deal, it’s not a marriage. You need a spot that works for you and your business at this point in life. Go into the process knowing your must-haves first, then the rest. Rank, prioritize, pros and cons, however you prefer. The more you know about your needs and wants going into the process, the more time you will save everybody — and the higher probability you’ll find the office space that works well for you.

Of course these are just some starter/top-line thoughts. More to come from Vector.

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