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Healthy Bones Tampa Bay, Florida Osteopathic Medical Association, American Bone Health, Fracture Prevention Coalition invite public to bone-up on H.R. 2693 via Facebook Live @ 3pm

TAMPA, Fla. — On October 14, State Senator Janet Cruz and State Representative Jackie Toledo will join activists with community coalition Healthy Bones Tampa Bay to talk about the importance of bone health. Coalition members will offer information and updates on H.R. 2693 (and S. 283) to increase access to osteoporosis screening.

Presented by supporters of the legislation across Florida and beyond – advocates will provide actionable content and activities to support present and future bone health advocacy initiatives. 

WHAT: How a Bone Bill Becomes a Law – and How You Can Bone-Up for Bone Health

WHO: Speakers include Florida State Senator Janet Cruz; State Representative Jackie Toledo; Nancy Powers Perry (Legislative Director for Connecticut Congressman and bill sponsor John Larson); Towner French (Partner, Capitol Counsel); Steve Winn (Florida Osteopathic Medical Association executive director); Kristina Novotny & Kristina Fritz (NSU Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine); and Kathleen Cody (American Bone Health executive director). 

Presented by Healthy Bones Tampa Bay, American Bone Health, Fracture Prevention Coalition, Capitol Counsel, Florida Osteopathic Medical Association, Florida Society of Osteopathic Family Physicians, Echolight Medical, Landis Message & Media.

WHEN: Wednesday, October 14, at 3pm EST

WHERE: Facebook Live (American Bone Health Facebook page) 

WHY: Reimbursement rates for DXA bone density tests in physicians’ offices have declined from $140 in 2006, to only $40.70 in 2019. Reduced DXA reimbursement has led to declines in DXA providers, DXA testing, and osteoporosis diagnosis/treatment, and an increase in hip fractures. More available here



Kathleen Cody,, 888-266-3015 

Kristina Fritz,, 561-573-6931


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