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StPeteForGood offers Resources and Connections for Responsible and Purpose-Driven Businesses

Localized corporate responsibility effort to spotlight businesses aligning purpose with profit

For St. Pete businesses doing good, newly launched StPeteForGood is a localized corporate responsibility resource and connector, built to support and spotlight responsible and purpose-driven businesses in the greater St. Pete area.

Founded by a collective of local businesses, drawing support and guidance from like-minded efforts in other regions (such as Colorado, Illinois, New York, Portland), StPeteForGood has already sparked a sister campaign in Central Florida, and now an umbrella statewide entity.

Inspired by the B Corp movement, Conscious Capitalism, and significant actions of business leaders (such as this message to CEOs from a top global investment firm), ForGood aims to share stories of businesses caught doing good, help good businesses find each other and work together, facilitate further business collaboration on community initiatives, and encourage more businesses to champion positive community endeavors where they can and choose.

As one example, Salt Palm Development, St. Pete’s first Certified B Corp and StPeteForGood co-founder, is leading a neighborhood beautification project to include a large-scale mural and improved green space near Fifth Street and Fourth Avenue South in downtown St. Pete.

There is minimal requirement and no regular obligation to affiliate with StPeteForGood. Joining the StPeteForGood Directory is essentially a public declaration that a business considers more than just maximizing profits. Learn more at

About StPeteForGood:

StPeteForGood exists to spotlight and connect businesses that benefit not just shareholders but stakeholders – from employees and customers, to community and planet. StPeteForGood offers resources to help job seekers, investors, and consumers find businesses they want to be a part of and support.

Businesses that align purpose with profit can join the ForGood directory at


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